Biohacking in the medical field


May 23, 2017


The objective of this project is to propose an open-source, low-cost dev-kit ultrasound imaging to allow scientists, academics, hackers, makers or open hardware fans to hack ultrasound imaging.

What approach ?

  • Going back to the time when ultrasound was all mechanical.
  • Having a modular "approach"
  • Simplify !

Bases of ultrasound imaging



Proof of concept

Cost of the set: 325$

  • A probe on ebay: 75$
  • High voltage module: 80$ of components
  • Analog processing module: 80$ of components
  • PCBs: 40$
  • Acquisition Raspberry Pi: 40$
  • Raspberry Pi: 10$

Example of a probe image

Usage examples

  • 2-D mode imaging
  • Measurements (bladder, ...)
  • Biofeedback for stroke recovery
  • Doppler
  • ...

Limitation and opportunity


  • Material is not certified
  • Probe sensor limits the quality
  • Be careful!



What I learned tinkering with stuff

  1. Build the tools you need
  2. Document
  3. Do and share

Build the tools you need..



  • Documentation here is key.
  • A website that builds itself based on proper, simple and un-redondant information is needed.

Doing and sharing

Issues for "real" medical biohacking and towards medical uses

  • Certification
  • Sensors sourcing
  • Reliability of the device
  • Training of users

We can discuss how

  • to do a working dev-kit to share knowledge
  • implement and efficient (err, lazy) way of documenting.
  • share with a community
  • better understand your "product"

Other approaches?

  • Re-using and improving hardware
  • Using old hardware for new approaches

Improving a "rogue" probe

Using differently


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